Fronto Leaf Deliveries In The G.T.A

Fronto Leaf Deliveries In The G.T.A – Fronto Blunts is now offering same day delivery when you order online. that’s right Toronto, get your Fronto from Fronto Blunts the same day you order. Just go online to and place your order for any leaf. When your payment’s confirmed, our drivers will be out with […]

Fronto Blunts Canada

“Hot Grabba Canada; Grabba leaf, HotGrabbz; Fanta leaf; Fronto leaf; GRABBA….  All of these products naturally contain nicotine, with no extra additives or chemicals. (Nicotine contains the highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids). These are all the terms that refer to the dark thick, filler or wrapper grade of tobacco leaf… Popularity with each leaf varies […]