Fronto Blunts Canada

Fronto Blunts Canada

“Hot Grabba Canada; Grabba leaf, HotGrabbz; Fanta leaf; Fronto leaf; GRABBA….  All of these products naturally contain nicotine, with no extra additives or chemicals. (Nicotine contains the highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids).

These are all the terms that refer to the dark thick, filler or wrapper grade of tobacco leaf… Popularity with each leaf varies in Jamaica and on other Caribbean islands. Thinner wrapper leaves are more popular in the USA and Canada. However the darker leaves are now starting to gain a lot of popularity thanks to Fronto Blunts, with their introduction in 2014.

Grabba or Fronto in the Urban dictionary is described as; “A Jamaican term used to describe something mixed with marijuana when smoked. So as to keep the sent down and to get rid of the bad aftertaste.” This is accurate, however, I just don’t like the word something, (because something can be anything). So yes; It is a Jamaican term and the term is used to describe a dark thick natural tobacco leaf. When used it’s crushed up and mixed with marijuana.

Red Herring grabba

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