Fronto – More Fronto Blunt Flavours To Come Canada Wide

CT Fronto

Fronto – As you already know we have a few selections to choose from. Our Xtra Stout Fronto is the most popular here in Canada. Customers love the Strong Robust Smell it gives off, not to mention the draw. When you smoke it with your kush it gives you a stronger draw along with a nice flavour.

We also provide other leaves such as the MED Fronto. This leaf has a nice dark chocolaty look to it and smokes beautifully. This leaf isn’t very strong, but very dark and slow burning. Customers who love this leaf tend to purchase it for the light smooth taste it gives off when rolled with their marijuana. Others love the taste it has when chewed or blended with a cigar of their preference. However you like this Fronto leaf we have it all, and we sure aren’t the ones to disappoint.

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